Woman Has Unique Way of Trying to Get Into Boyfriend's Cell Phone

Viral video of a woman attempting to crack her boyfriend's Face ID is hilarious and a MUST SEE.
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Netflix May Stop Letting You Share Your Password

Your days of Netflix and chill by using your friend or family member’s password may soon be over. The streaming service has revealed they are aware of the pervasive practice and are trying to figure out a way to turn those users into paying customers, reported the New York Post . Netflix may start...
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Screen Time

Do You Limit Your Child's Screen Time?

How much time do your children spend in front of tablets, phone screens or videogames? The amount of screen time that kids spend each day is a real issue! It even came up in the Dougie Stylz household recently as well. You'll hear audio from his "screen time" family meeting as well as calls from...
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The Top 10 Worst Passwords Of 2018

No matter how many times we are told we need to come up with long complicated passwords to protect our personal data, too many of us are still using common, and very very bad, passwords, putting all of our information at risk. Well, SplashData has come out with their annual list of the Top 100...
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Online Scams

Have You Ever Been Scammed?

Roman recieved a text message asking him to reset his Facebook password on a link provided in the text. Thing is, he never requested to change it and was pretty sure it was some sort of scam trying to hack into his info! Roman was able to not get scammed, but that's not always the case! Check out...
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