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Is Sassy Siri Girlfriend Material For Stylz and Roman?

So Roman saw a girl in the stands at The Bulls, but didn't know what to say when he approached her. Stylz and Roman decided to ask their iPhone with an attitude, Sassy Siri, about what he should have said. She gave him some examples......and then seemed to start hitting on him by the end! Wait......
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What Is The Cheesiest Pick Up Line You've Ever Heard?

Every woman has heard a bad pickup line. But, would they be willing to tell those pick up lines to "Singles You Up" singer Jordan Davis? He was in studio this morning and his reaction to some of the lines was hilarious! Check them out right here...
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Carly Pearce: 'I Get Chills Every Time Some Mentions My #1 Song'

Carly Pearce was on the show this morning and told Stylz and Roman how cool it is to have your debut single go to #1.
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Theresa From Palos Heights

Roman's current record in the College of Country Knowledge is 256 and 23.
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