When There Was Some Assembly Required...

Ever buy something from Ikea and then have the hardest time trying to put it together? It happens to all of us, including celebs like Jason Aldean. He has a new baby and told Stylz and Roman how difficult it's been to put together stuff like cribs and toys! See, he's just like us and can probably...
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Toddler Bed

You Tried To Put It Together...But It Was Missing A Piece!

Roman is converting his four year old son Tristan's toddler bed into a big boy bed, but was almost finished before realizing that the pieces don't all match up! Now the entire bed is torn apart and his son has no bed to sleep in! A total #FurnitureFail! What did you put together before realizing a...
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Drake White Announces New EP, 'Pieces'

Drake White is back to pick up the Pieces with the release of a brand new EP.
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