Keith Urban Collaborating With Pink, Breland on 'The Speed of Now Part 1'

After causing a stir when he posted the album track list on social media recently, with yellow boxes blocking out the names of his collaborators on two tracks, Keith Urban announced Pink and rising country-rapper Breland as his special guests.
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Pink, Metallica, Garth Brooks Among Top Grossing Tours of 2019

No artist grossed more money on global tours than Pink in 2019, but artists like Metallica and Garth Brooks did just fine for themselves as well. Check out the full list.
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From Baby Bumps to Pups: 9 Unmissable Moments From the 2019 People's Choice Awards

From furry friends to iconic stars, the 2019 People’s Choice Awards brought out all of the stops. There were crutches, paws, beautiful gowns, and even some appearances from people who haven’t shown face in a while. Don’t miss the famous Internet pup, Gwen Stefani’s incredible gown, or the awkward...
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What Was Your Laundry Disaster?

Stylz is teaching his 15 year son Nate how to do laundry and there's been some disasters along the way! But anything that goes wrong for Nate won't be as bad as what happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners!
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Did You Do A Gender Reveal Party For Your Baby?

Gender reveal parties seem to be all the rage lately, in fact, there was even one that happened on stage at the Cubs Convention this pst weekend.
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Charles From Jefferson Park

Charles from Jefferson Park is planning on taking his buddies out for dinner if he beats Roman this morning in the College of Country Knowledge.
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