Kerry SNR

Cubs Legend Kerry Wood With Stylz and Roman!

The 8th annual Woody’s Winter Warm-Up is NEXT FRIDAY, January 18th at Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch in Water Tower Place. Stylz and Roman are hosting the event, so they decided to have "Kid K" himself on the show! BTW-Kerry joked that he never calls himself "Kid K", so don't expect those words...
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The One Thing I've Always Wanted To Do...

Anthony Rizzo has said that he's always wanted to pitch in a MLB game. Until yesterday that was just a dream. He actually got the chance yesterday when the Chicago Cubs were getting blown out by the Arizona Diamonbacks. Is there a dream that you have that you're trying to achieve? Stylz and Roman...
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Cubs Morrow

The Weird Ways You Injured Yourself!

Injuring your back putting on your pants isn't the most manly way to injure yourself. But that's what landed Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow on the ten day disabled list! It's a pretty weird way to injure yourself, but not as weird as some of these callers to Stylz and Roman! Who injures themselves...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

If Shannon wins the rolling jackpot this morning, she plans on using that $550 bucks on her 17 onth old son Austin. Want to pull some money out of Stylz and Roman's wallet? Email Mornings@US99.com to enroll in Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Today's Questions: 1. Maybe it had something to do...
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