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Chicago is One of Four Finalists to Be NHL Tournament Hub City When Hockey Returns

The hockey season is expected to restart in two weeks and Chicago is one of the four finalists to be considered a “hub city” for the NHL playoffs. The other three finalists are Las Vegas, Edmonton, and Toronto.
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Do You Know All The Words To Bear Down Chicago Bears?

Are you a die hard Chicago Bears fan? Well, Stylz and Roman wanted to test just how much of a die hard those fans really are! They put several listeners to the test to see if they knew all the words to "Bear Down Chicago Bears." Do you? Either way......GO BEARS!
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Roman's College of CHICAGO BEARS Knowledge

Cassidy from the 219 stepped in to Roman's College of Country Knowledge, but today was a little different. Instead of COUNTRY KNOWLEDGE, Stylz and Roman asked CHICAGO BEARS themed country questions instead! The Bears play the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff game in why...
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Football Party Food

What Is Your Go-To Dish At Your Chicago Bears Game On Sunday?

The Chicago Bears are back in the playoffs and will play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Are you throwing a party for the Bears first playoff game since 2010? More importantly, what are you serving? Stylz and Roman wanted to find out what their listener's favorite thing to munch on during Bears...
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Football Score Phone

Sassy Siri Is SUPER Nervous About This Weekend's Bears Playoff Game!

Will a Chicago Bears loss on Sunday force Sassy Siri to move out of the state of Illinois? That's what Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude told them this morning! She told the guys that she's super nervous about Sunday's playoff game, especially considering Chicago sports teams and their...
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