Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman was on a one game losing streak after yesterday's round of Roman's College of Country Knowledge, did it continue tody? Kathy from Plano was his competition, but was having a "case of the Mondays" on a Tuesday! No matter what day it is, enroll in Roman's College of Country Knowledge by...
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Burger King Asks Wendy's To Prom, Wendy's Tweets Reply

A Burger King in Massachusetts decided to ask the Wendy's right next to it to prom via their marquee. Wendy's took to Twitter to reply, and the rest is fast food prom history! — Burger King (@BurgerKing) May 9, 2018 Ok, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10...
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Stylz and Roman Help Solve A Prom Emergency!

Stylz and Roman recieved an email with the title line "PROM EMERGENCY" recently and knew they had to help! A mom wrote them because her daughter's date needed a tuxedo on 3 days notice and they didn't know what to do! A couple of phone calls later and the great people from Formally Modern Tuxedo...
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What Was Your Post Prom Horror Story?

What did you do after your prom? Sometimes, things don't go as planned and the wheels totally come off! Check out the bad things that happened to Stylz and Roman and their listeners when they tried to do something a little different after their prom!
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Prom dresses

High School Gives Girls "Modesty Ponchos" to wear to prom

A Detroit high school wants the ponchos to be a solution to "inappropriate" dresses.
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Mom With Cubs Tix

Stylz and Roman Turn A Prom Negative Into A Positive!

Stylz and Roman received an email from Susan this week. Her daughter Jaelynn's Prom is this weekend, but her boyfriend broke up with her just days before the big day (!). So, how do you turn that negative into a positive? Jaelynn wanted to see a Cubs game with her BFF Madison, so Stylz and Roman...
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