Pumping Gas


The Disrespectful Things Dudes Do!

Is chivalry dead? If what Stylz witnessed over the weekend is true, then yes, it probably is! Guys making their significant pump gas or carry items that they bought! What disgraceful things have you seen dudes do?
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How Are You Failing At Adulting?

Roman is going to be guest co-hosting on Windy City Live at 1 PM on ABC 7 later today! But, he has a problem! He only has one sports jacket, which he wore on the WCL a couple of weeks ago! After today's show he's going out to buy another one! Only owning one sports jacket as a grown man is a total...
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TOPIC: What's The One Thing That You Have No Idea How To Do?

There's certain things that, as adults, we should all know how to do.
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