Roman's College of CHICAGO BEARS Knowledge

Cassidy from the 219 stepped in to Roman's College of Country Knowledge, but today was a little different. Instead of COUNTRY KNOWLEDGE, Stylz and Roman asked CHICAGO BEARS themed country questions instead! The Bears play the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff game in forever....so why...
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iPhone Football

Does Sassy Siri Have A Crush On Tom Brady?

The Chicago Bears loss to the New England Patriots was a really tough. You know what is even tougher? When the Siri app on your iPhone rubs that loss in by talking to you about how HOT she thinks that Patriots QB Tom Brady is! But, that's why Stylz and Roman call her "Sassy Siri" because she's...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Stylz and Roman joked with Nikki from Maple Park that her hometown sounds like a really "sweet" place! What's even sweeter? Graduating from Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Did Nikki make it? Email Mornings@US99.com to get your spot in class! Today's Questions: 1. Sam Hunt was a star football...
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