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VIDEO: Michael Ray and Carly Pearce Play Stylz & Roman's Newlywed Game

Video of Newlywed Game with Michael Ray & Carly Pearce So what don't you know about your significant other? Stylz and Roman let their listeners admit what they don't know about their partner, but probably should!
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Sad face Emoji

How Well Do Stylz and Roman Know Sassy Siri?

When Sassy Siri heard that Stylz and Roman were going to do their own version of the Newlywed Game with Michael Ray and Carly Pearce, so wanted to get in on the action. Their iPhone with an attitude decided to ask the guys some really personal questions about herself to see how well they know her...
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College Question

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

There is $2050 in the rolling jackpot but Valerie from Algonquin was only able to get 2 out of the 5 questions right. Think you can do better? Listen to Roman's College of Country Knowledge, see if you could do better, then email [email protected] to play! Today's Questions: 1. Luke Bryan is...
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Former Blackhawk Adam Burish With Stylz and Roman

Since the Chicago Blackhawks' 11th annual Convention is this weekend at the Hilton Chicago on 720 S. Michigan Avenue, Stylz and Roman decided to get a former Blackhawks player on the phone to tell them all about it. They talked to former Blackhawks winger (and current Blackhawks TV analyst) Adam...
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