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Fight Over The Remote

My Significant Other Makes Me Watch ____________ But I Hate It!

Every week Ryan Hurd is Tweeting about The Bachelor, so Stylz and Roman wanted to know if he watches because he wants to or because his wife is watching. They sat down with Ryan's wife Maren Morris to find out and she claims that she's not forcing gim to watch....he really likes it! That is not...
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Parents, What Did Your Kids Break?

Roman's son Tristan broke one of his toys the other day, but blamed it on his imaginary friend that he called "Breaky." Children have a thing for breaking things and sometimes it can be REALLY REALLY expensive! Stylz and Roman talked to parents whose children broke everything from 60 inch TVs to a...
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How Much Did Your Child Spend On Apps or Online Purchases?

Roman's goddaughter spent over $200 buying movies using a voice activated remote....and her Mom knew nothing about it! $200 is lot of money, but it's nothing compared to the almost $1300 that one kid spent buying apps on his iPad that was linked to his Mom's credit card! So what's the punishment...
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