Small business

List of Small Businesses Still Open To Continue to Serve the Community

Governor Pritzker announced all restaurants and bars across the state will be closed to dine-in customers in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus starting end of business today (Monday, 3/16).
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Woman Dines-And-Dashes, Accidentally Leaves ID On Table

Woman Dines-And-Dashes, Leaves ID On Table
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Portillos, Hot Dog, Chicagoland, Restaurant

Chicago’s Famous Chain, Portillo’s, Will Now Be Available Nationwide

Chicagoans can now share the goodness known as Portillo's with your family and friends across the country thanks to the new 'Beef Bus' food truck!
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One Take-Out Call Leads To An Unexpected Friendship #GoodVibes

Buffie Hipps called Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant to order some take out, but what she got was so much more!
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Chewing Food

Stylz and Romance: Chew With Your Mouth Closed!

This edition of Stylz and Romance is really somthing you can sink your teeth in to... Melissa can’t understand why Jimmy hasn’t called her back. They went out on a date and went to a couple places before and everything went well, but once they got to dinner, everything changed. He stopped talking...
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Restaurant Table

Stylz and Romance: Two For $25

Everyone loves a good deal, but should you go for that good deal on a first date? James and Trisha went out on a date together and had a good time. That is until it was time to order food at dinner. James was pushing for Trisha to order from the 2 for $25 dollar menu along with him to save a couple...
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Luke Combs

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Kim from Michigan City says that if she were to win the $2200 in the rolling jackpot, she'd spend it on bills. Stylz and Roman though, think it'd be better to spend that cash on a vacation or a down payment on a car. So how do you win the money in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? Email...
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It's The Debut of Stylz and Romance!

Ben went out on a date with Kelly, but there was a small problem with the date. That small problem was the BIG bill she racked up ordering, wine, lobster and crab cakes. He's just a college student and funds are kind of light. When he asked her to pay for half, she was having none of it! So we...
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The Weirdest Place That You've Ever Met Someone

99.9% of people on a Disney Cruise are married and there with their families, so it's not really someplace where you'd probably meet someone. Turns out that Roman is that 00.1%. He was on a Disney Cruise with his son and met a single mom on that cruise who was there with her daughter! That's a...
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What Is The Most Expensive Thing Your Child Lost or Broke?

Stylz and Roman's Producer Tony's son left his retainer at a restaurant over the weekend. They didn't notice until an hour later and went back to the restaurant and dug through the garbage looking for it for nearly two hours! The bad thing is that they didn't end up finding it! Kids often lose and...
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