What Would You Do If You Found $7.5 Million Dollars?

If you found $7.5 million dollars in a storage unit that you bought, would you give it back? That's what happened to someone who recently bought a storage unit for $500 and found so much more inside! But, the people who used to own that unit want their money back. Is "finders keepers losers weepers...
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Money on The Ground

Where Did You Find Some Unexpected Cash?

Stylz and Roman found a story about a man who had a million dollar winning lottery ticket....and had totally forgot about it! He did find it, with just three days before the ticket was set to expire! It's always cool to find cash whenyou're not expecting it! Thing is, do you return it? Find out...
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Cash Register

Have You Ever Returned Something After Wearing It?

Stylz rented a tux for a wedding he was standing in over the weekend and ended up getting a HUGE stain on the shirt. He returned it.....but never mentioned the stain! Apparently this is a thing, because Stylz isn't the only one who has done something like this! Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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