Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Celebrates Socially Distant Birthday with Jennifer Aniston

It’s a quarantine birthday! Sandra Bullock celebrated her 56th birthday with some of her closest Hollywood friends including Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Paulson.
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Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 51st Birthday After Revealing She Sees 'Kids Running' in Her Future

Jennifer Aniston has just rung in her 51st birthday, and she's looking forward to having children in her life in some capacity. Aniston rang in her big day at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, The Daily Mail reports. Joining her were friends Courteney Cox and Elizabeth Moss...
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Sandra Bullock Set to Star in New Netflix Thriller 'Unforgiven'

After the success of “Bird Box,” Sandra Bullock is ready to Netflix and chill again. The Oscar winner has been tapped to star in an upcoming adaptation of the 2009 British mini-series “Unforgiven,” according to CNN . This one is near and dear to my heart. I’m honored to know it’s in such good hands...
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Dolly Parton

Romans College of Country Knowledge

Halle called in to the show to correct Stylz and Roman about which President is on the $100 bill. In fact, no president is on it! Benjamin Franlin was never a president! They had her on Roman's College of Country Knowledge this morning and you'll be surprised on how well she did! Today's Questions...
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