Man Sues Popeyes Because His Friends Made Fun Of Him

A guy named Craig Barr from Chattanooga, Tennessee just filed a LAWSUIT against Popeyes over the drama their chicken sandwich created in his life . . . 1. He says he wasted, quote, "countless time driving" from location to location to try to find one that wasn't sold out of the sandwich. 2. On one...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Trisha is from Sandwich and Stylz and Roman joked that the money in today's rolling jackpot could buy a whole lot of sandwiches. Trisha was battling it out in Roman's College of Country Knowledge to try and win $1450! Whether it's sandwiches or something else you want to spend that cash on, you...
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Hate Job

The Worst Job You Ever Had!

Ever have a job that you can't stand? Carly Pearce told Stylz and Roman that she hated cleaning Airbnb's! That's not nearly as bad as some of the jobs that these Stylz and Roman listeners hated heading in to each day!
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Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy: Baby Items (With Lady A)

So, two of the three members of Lady Antebellum are expecting babies any day now, so they might have had an advantage in today's Stylz and Roman's 15 Second Frenzy!
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