The Last Time Something Scared You To Death!

This morning the window washers were coming down the side of the US99 building and legit scared Stylz half to death. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Maybe it was a movie taht made your heart skip a beat. Maybe someone surprised you when you weren't expecting it. It happened to...
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Scared In Bed

What Went "BUMP" In The Night That Scared You?

Ever been woken up by a loud bang in the middle of the night? Stylz was last night and he thought someone was breaking into his house. It wasn't, it was just a mirror falling off the wall in their bathroom. Ever have something like this happen to you? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did...
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What Is Your "Well, That Was Dumb!" Moment?

Sometimes when you're getting ready in the morning, you can mistake one spray bottle for another! That's exactly what happened to Kelsea Ballerini over the weekend while she was getting ready for her show in Tinley Park. She told Stylz and Roman that she thought she was grabbing hairspray but...
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On Stage

When Did Your Child Freeze Up?

Roman's son threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Dogs game the other day, but Roman was super afraid that he'd freeze up in front of the crowd. Thankfully, he didn't. That isn't always the case though. Check out what these parents told Stylz and Roman about the times that their children froze...
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What Freaks Your Pet Out?

The Fourth of July is just a couple of days and that means fireworks! That also mens dogs that will be freaked out from those fireworks! Fireworks aren't the only thing that freak dogs out though! Check out what scares the dogs of these Stylz and Roman listeners....
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