Graduation Piggy Bank

Will A Teacher Teach Roman In Roman's College of Country Knowledge?

It wasn't just one on one in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today. It was Roman vs. a teacher and an entire 5th grade class! Was he able to overcome the odds and beat Mrs. Condon and her class? Email [email protected] to play! Today's Questions: 1. This singer says her Mom and Dad have given...
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Woman On Scooter Gets Hit By Car, Then Falls Into Open Manhole

If you think YOU'RE having a bad day, you might wanna realize it could be A LOT worse. Like this woman who got hit by car while riding her scooter...and in the process of falling off, rolled into an open manhole! How unlucky do you have to be for that to happen??? LUCKILY she only suffered minor...
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Cubs Morrow

The Weird Ways You Injured Yourself!

Injuring your back putting on your pants isn't the most manly way to injure yourself. But that's what landed Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow on the ten day disabled list! It's a pretty weird way to injure yourself, but not as weird as some of these callers to Stylz and Roman! Who injures themselves...
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