Fragile package

There isn't anything better than this UPS driver's delivery selfies

It's like getting a present with your package
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Good Bad

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Done That Last Night!

Ever have a situation that sounded like a good idea at the time, but wasn't when you woke up the next morning? Roman had exactly that experience with a text he recieved Saturday night....and the follow up text that he got the following morning. So what did the Stylz and Roman listeners regret doing...
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How Many Pics Do You Have On Your Cellphone?

Stylz and Roman talked to Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line recently and got him to admit that he has tons and tons of pics of his new baby on his phone. Having a hundreds and hundreds of pics on your phone now-a-days isn't unusual, but exactly how often do you actually look at those pictures...
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INTERVIEW: Dan and Shay Check In With Stylz and Roman

So why did Dan and Shay blow off Stylz in a group text? What was in a selfie video text that Dan sent to Stylz and Roman that he didn't want to mention on air? Dan and Shay checked in with Stylz and Roman to talk their new self titled album, why Demi Lovato has been loving their music, Taylor Swift...
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