significant other

Shocked Smartphone

What Is On Your Phone That You Don't Want Anyone To See!

Brad Paisley was performing on Texas over the weekend and grabbed a fan's cellphone to take a selfie with. He also swiped across some of the pictures in her camera roll and....well, lets just say he wished he hadn't! We all have stuff on our phones that are for our eyes only that we hope no one...
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Give Up

I Gave Up ___________ For My Significant Other

Luke Combs told Stylz and Roman in a recent interview that he gave up chewing tobacco for his girlfriend. But he did admit to them that he does miss it, but he knows it's for the better. Sometimes we give up something for our significant others to make them happy. For Luke Combs it was for the good...
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When Were You A Little Too Honest With Your Significant Other?

Sometimes we're a little too honest with our significant others and it gets us in trouble. If her food tasted bad, you probably shouldn't mention it.... He snores too loud, maybe you should let that one slide... You want to ditch a date with her Grandma? Probably a bad thing to bring up... .....and...
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Parents and Kids

I Can't Believe My Significant Other Lets Our Kids Do This!

Sometimes one parent lets their child get away with something that the other parent totally wouldn't approve of. Ice cream for dinner or maybe a show that they wouldn't normally be allowed to watch. That's what happened in the Stylz household the other day. Dougie was totally cool with his stepson...
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Dog Hugger

Do You Love Your Pet More Than Your Significant Other?

Stylz had his dog spayed yesterday and his wife has been babying the dog ever since. He even joked that he thought she loves their dog Jameson more than she loves him! Funny thing is, the phones lines lit up with people who openly admitted that they love their pets more than their significant other!
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What Did You Do or Try To Impress A Significant Other

Ever do something to try and impress a girl that you wouldn't normally do? Roman met a girl on his recent cruise that was running a 5K, so he decided to join her! Problem is, Roman HATES running, but did it to impress her! What else have people done? How about skinning animals or maybe spitting on...
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Who Is The "Hall Pass" In Your Relationship?

While meeting people at the US99 Luke Bryan pregame party at Cubbie Bear over the weekend, Roman ran across a woman who told him that he was her "hall pass" with her husband. A "hall pass" is that one celeb/athlete/whatever that your significant other would allow you to hook up questions...
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Has Social Media Caused Drama In Your Relationship?

Stylz and Roman talked to Morgan Evans at LakeShake over the weekend and found out that his wife Kelsea Ballerini sometimes get mad when he doesn't like her posts fast enough. Social media can cause all kinds of drama in a relationship! Are random girls liking your man's post? Is your girlfriend...
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Hiding Something

Are You Hiding Something From Your Significant Other?

Yesterday Stylz and Roman talked about things kids hide from their parents. Today they flipped the script and asked people what they hid from their significant others! Cheating? Pets? Regifted Gifts? Stylz and Roman heard all this.....and much worse!
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Baby Shower

What Did Your Significant Other Drag You To?

Stylz was invited to a co-ed baby shower over the weekend and wonder if this is a normal thing now. He ended up having a good time, but that's not always the case in these types of situtaions. What did your significant other drag you to? A movie? A Mary Kay makeup party? Check out where these Stylz...
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