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#FindingTheGood: Students Sing To Beloved Music Teacher In Her Final Days

#FindingTheGood: Students Return to Sing To Music Teacher Who Inspired Them All
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Astronauts in Space Release Music Video Singing Travis Tritt's 'It's A Great Day to Be Alive'

Honestly, this might be the coolest music video you've ever seen. Some astronauts aboard the International Space Station created a video of them singing along to Travis Tritt's hit "It's a Great Day to Be Alive," featuring clips of them going about their daily lives in space.
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Kelsea Ballerini Sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" To Calm Her Anxiety

Kelsea Ballerini Sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" To Calm Her Anxiety
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Tristan Baseball

Keep Your "Eyes On" This Episode of Translating Tristan!

If your the parent of a young child, you know that it can be nearly impossible to make out what your kids are saying sometimes. Roman has a four year old son just like that, so as any good parent would do, Stylz and Roman decided to make a game out of it! They have Tristan sing a song and see if a...
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Justin and Tristan Spring

What If You Could Figure Out This Translating Tristan!

What is the one thing most people say after hearing Roman's four year old son Tristan sing? Well, it's actually "What?" Today Tristan was singing both parts of this song which is a collaboration between two popular country singers! Here's a hint: What If you can figure out what song he's singing. I...
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New Tristan Pic

Today's Translating Tristan Is Truly Broken!

Roman's four year old son Tristan loves to sing. But most of the time we find ourselves saying "What?" instead of singing along with him. That being said, "God Bless" anyone that can figure out this very "Broken" song that Tristan belted out this morning.
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Tristan Sitting

This Translating Tristan Will Hit You Like A Hurricane!

For today's Translating Tristan you might want to grab a Comb. Luke Combs, to be exact. Roman's four year old son belted out a Luke Combs tune for Translating Tristan, can you figure out which one? When you figure it out, it'll hit you like a Hurricane. (Hint! Hint!)
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Tristan Chillin

Translating Tristan Tackles Dan and Shay's "Tequila"

Dan and Shay were in town at the Rosemont Theater over the weekend and performed the song "Tequila" during their set. But their version of that song probably sounded nothing like Roman's four year old son's version! Listener Rebecca hoped that she would be the one that would be "Translating Tristan...
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Translating Tristan Pic March 2019

You'll Be A Better Man After Hearing This Translating Tristan!

What Thomas Rhett song did Roman's four year old son (or four and three quarter as he says) sing today on Translating Tristan? Here's a hint: It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, you'll be a "Better Man" after hearing this! While that seems obvious, it's a lot less obvious when you hear...
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St Patty's Day Tristan

Man! This Translating Tristan Will Make You Feel Like A Woman!

I'm not sure that Shania Twain would recognize Roman's four year old son's rendition of her song "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" More importantly, did listener Karen decipher what Tristan was singing! Roman son loves to sing, we're just not sure exactly what he's singing most of the time!
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