NY Resolution

What Is Your Weird New Year's Resolution?

Most people have the same resolutions every year. Stop smoking. Lose weight. Stuff like that... But instead of hearing about those types of New Year's resolutions, Stylz and Roman decided to hear from people who have resolutions that are a little weirder than that. Wait till you hear what their...
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Report Card

Is There Anything You Hid From Your Parents Growing Up?

Stylz's stepson has been checking the mail a bunch lately. Why? Well, Stylz thinks that he's trying to grab his report card before Stylz and his wife see it! But, let's be honest, we all hid things things from our parents growing up. For some it was smoking....others drinking....Stylz and Roman...
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Police Car

When Was The Last Time You Were Scared But It Was A False Alarm?

Stylz was in Las Vegas over the weekend and almost had to evacuate his hotel. Why? Well, because someone was smoking in a stairwell and it set off a bunch of alarms! Thankfully, it was a false alarm, but he wasn't the only person who has had this kind of experience! Chck out what happened to these...
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What Was The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made At Work?

By now you've probably heard about the false alert message that was sent to all of Hawaii's residents that a ballistic missile was inbound, which WAS NOT the case.
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