All Things College

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

It's time for a rematch on Roman's College of Country Knowledge! The last time Jason from Portage played, he lost to Roman pretty badly. Did he redeem himself or was it a repeat of last time? Today's Questions: 1. The song “Cry Pretty” now has its own glittery tears Snap Chat filter. Who sings that...
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Sugarland SNR

Sugarland BACKSTAGE With Stylz and Roman

Sugarland was at Ravinia last night and spoke to Stylz and Roman on just about every topic imaginable! Video of Sugarland Backstage With Stylz and Roman But what Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were most excited about was that Ravinia is in the same neighborhood as the 'Home Alone" house! Could...
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Holding Hands

Ladies Did You Make The First Move In Your Relationship?

It's 2018, which means it's not that unusual for a woman to ask a man out. Case in point, Carly Pearce says she's the one that "slid in to the DM's" of her new boyfriend, Michael Ray. So, just how does a lady make the first move? Stylz and Roman opened up the phones to find out just that...
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