Phone Snow

Sassy Siri Doesn't Do Shoveling!

A little bit of snow fell overnight, but don't expect Sassy Siri to help shovel your driveway. First off, an iPhone doesn't have any hands, so holding a shovel is pretty much out! Stylz and Roman's iPhone also gives her opinion on the Chicago tradition of "DIBS." Plus, you know she had to throw a...
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SEE: Garth Brooks Rocked Notre Dame Saturday Night!

It was a night for the ages ... windy, rainy (& even snow!) with 85,000 fans inside Notre Dame stadium to see Garth Brooks! He played for 3 hours, told stories & then surprised the crowd with the news that he'll be back to "close the world tour" in 3 years! Check out the setlist &...
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Wrigley Snow

Has This Weather Screwed Up All Your Kid's Sports?

This weather has been unseasonably cold and it's really screwing up all kinds of high school sports. The snow, rain and all around cold weather has caused all kinds of cancellations of not just games, practices and road trips as well! Check out what these parents had to say about how this weather...
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Stylz & Roman With Michael Ray!

Even though the Chicago Cubs home opener was postponed until today, Michael Ray still performed at Old Crow yesterday! But before that, he talked with Stylz and Roman! They talked about his new sing "Good To You", but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get him to give them a release date...
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Winter Isn't Over Yet - Snowstorm Watch In Effect This Weekend

The calendar might say that it's spring but this weather, well, it has a mind of its own. Snow is currently pummeling major cities on the East Coast in what is known as the fourth Nor'Easter this year and us folks in Chicago aren't completely immune. (Thankfully, we aren't going to see anything...
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What Does Your Child Have An Irrational Fear Of?

Kids get freaked out by the most random things.
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