Girl Was Caught Speeding and Had the Funniest Excuse #BrightBytes

An IL State Trooper stopped a driver on I-57 for going 115 MPH and wait until you hear her excuse! Katie has this story and more with Bright Bytes!
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Sideline Sports Reporter Gets Drenched By Sprinklers, Keeps Going

This Russian sports reporter didn't let being sprayed directly in the face by a sprinkler mess up his live sideline report. Not once, but TWICE. Enjoy. – Кристиан Бистрович. Я сейчас прямо стану мокрым Он становился все мокрее и мокрее. Но все равно продолжал говорить... @...
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Little League

Are You "That Parent" At Your Kid's Sporting Events?

Ever see those parents going crazy at their child's sporting events.....and they're totally embarrassing themselves? Roman admitted on the show today that he was "that parent" at his four year old son's soccer game earlier this week. Sometimes parents, or even aunts, uncles or grand parents can't...
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Wrigley Snow

Has This Weather Screwed Up All Your Kid's Sports?

This weather has been unseasonably cold and it's really screwing up all kinds of high school sports. The snow, rain and all around cold weather has caused all kinds of cancellations of not just games, practices and road trips as well! Check out what these parents had to say about how this weather...
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