Justin and TRo

Translating Tristan Gets A Little Mean!

After hearing this round of Translating Tristan, you'll probably think "Why You Gotta Be So Mean?" (BTW-that's a hint about what today's song is!) Tristan is Roman's four year old song who loves to sing, but it's trying to figure out WHAT he's singing that can be difficult! But this week's song "...
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JRo Tro

Translating Tristan: Stars & Strings Edition

If you're headed to Stars and Strings tomorrow, there's a good chance that you'll hear this song... It might sound a little different than this though! Roman's four year old son, Tristan, sang a song by a Stars and String artist today, but it's a little hard to figure out what it was! Take a listen...
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VIDEO: Mom chases down teen son who took her BMW, spanks him with belt

This kid is going to be grounded for all eternity. (WARNING: NSFW language!) My 13 year old brother disconnected the WiFi so my mom wouldn’t be able to see her cameras and took her brand new bmw to his gf’s house ----‍♀️ I shouldn’t be laughing but damn ------ — Lizaconda♛ (@LilaaBites) October 12...
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TRo The DJ

You'll Need Some Friends In Low Places To Figure Out This Translating Tristan!

If you've ever been to a bar, then you'll know this very famous "bar song" that Stylz and Roman used for Translating Tristan! But, will you know it when a four year old, who just happens to be Roman's son Tristan, when he sings it? You might need to call some "Friends In Low Places" to figure out...
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Tro Wrigley

If You Bleed Cubbie Blue You'll Know This Translating Tristan Song!

The Chicago Cubs may have lost the NL Central to the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, but today is a new day and the Wildcard game is tonight against the Colorado Rockies. To get everyone hyped for that, Stylz and Roman decided to do a Cubbie themed edition of Translating Tristan. If you're a true Cubs...
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TRo Mic

Translating Tristan With Lady Antebellum

Song lyrics can be difficult to understand sometimes, but they're even more difficult when a four year old is singing them! Roman's four year old son Tristan sang a Lady Antebellum song on the show this morning as part of Translating Tristan! Can you figure out which one it is? HINT: They sang it...
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The Chicken Fried Edition of Translation Tristan!

Roman's four year old song loves to sing, but what he's singing can be hard to figure out sometimes! Case in point is today's episode of Translating Tristan! He's singing Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried" but some of the words aren't exactly right. Did listener Allie figure it out?
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What Should Roman Oak For A Mini Vacation With His Four Year Old Son?

Roman is taking a mini vacation with his four year old son over the weekend, but he hasn't packed a thing yet! He's really not sure what he should pack, so he turned to the US99 audience for advice! He got responses that ranged from everything in the house to snacks and more!
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TRo Mic

Translating Tristan: FGL Edition

This may be the most difficult Translating Tristan ever! HINT: It's a Florida Georgia Line song, but Roman's four year old son's version is really hard to figure out! Take a listen and see if you can figure out what FGL song it is!
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Toddler Sleeping

How Do You Get A Toddler To Go Back To Bed?

Jill, who does traffic for Stylz and Roman has a son named DJ that's getting up in the middle of the night and is ready to go for the day! That's leading to a whole bunch of sleepless nights for Jill and her husband! She was looking for advice....and the Stylz and Roman listeners rushed to the...
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