Tristan Chillin

Translating Tristan Tackles Dan and Shay's "Tequila"

Dan and Shay were in town at the Rosemont Theater over the weekend and performed the song "Tequila" during their set. But their version of that song probably sounded nothing like Roman's four year old son's version! Listener Rebecca hoped that she would be the one that would be "Translating Tristan...
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Tristan and A Bunny

This Song Is Taylor Made For Translating Tristan!

This morning Roman's four year old son sand a song that is by one of country turned pop music's biggest stars. So when Tristan started singing Taylor Swift's "Romeo and Juliet" was his opponent Brianna able to finish the songs lyrics? It sounds easy, but as it's proved week after week, it's not as...
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Tristan Ski

This Translating Tristan Is S-I-M-P-L-E!

If you listen to US99, then this edition of Translating Tristan is pretty SIMPLE. Each week, Roman's four year old son Tristan belts out a song at the top of his lungs and it's up to a Stylz and Roman listener to try and figure out exactly what he's singing! (HINT: See if you can tell if it's F-G-L...
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Kids Singing

What Songs Do Your Kids Listen To That You Can't Stand?

Have you heard the "Baby Shark" song yet? Video of Baby shark - Baby shark doo doo doo doo - original - dance - english nursery rhymes for children. It's really annoying.....but really catchy! Thing is, the song has been so watched and streamed so much that it's even entered the music charts!...
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TRo Mic

Translating Tristan: Morgan Evans Edition

Did you hear that Morgan Evans in playing a US99 First Listen at Joe's on Weed Street next month? In honor of that, Stylz and Roman decided to do a Morgan Evans edition of Translating Tristan! Did listener Cynthia figure out what song that Roman's four year old son was singing here? Take a listen...
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Tro Mic

Translating Tristan With Darius Rucker

Lady A and Darius Rucker are in Tinley Park this weekend, so Roman's 4 year old son Tristan sang a song related to that today! Will his opponent be able to figure out that Tristan is singing "Wagon Wheel" or not? Either way, it's super-cute!
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Kelsea SNR

Kelsea Ballerini Plays Translating Tristan!

Video of Kelsea Ballerini Does Translating Tristan Can Kelsea Ballerini figure out what song Roman's four year old son Tristan is singing? Stylz and Roman put her to the test in today's "Translating Tristan." Here's a hint: It's one of her own songs!
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Kane Brown & Kimmie Caruba chat at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Sneak peek at NEW Kane Brown

Is it too soon to submit for "Song of the Summer?!?!"
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