SNR and Maren

Maren Morris "I'm Nervous About My New Album"

So does Maren Morris get nervous about her new album "Girl" dropping? "Yes, Maren Morris gets nervous" she joked with Stylz and Roman. She'll open her tour tomorrow night at The Riv and she's excited about it because she's never played that venue before! She's also excited to play LakeShake in a...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Who will leave Roman's College of Country Knowledge as the "KING" of Elgin? Roman lives in Elgin and so did Sam, who thought she had what it takes to graduate and grab the $1450 in the rolling jackpot. Whether you live in Elgin or somewhere else, you can get your chance at playing by emailing...
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Chris Young Returns To The Stylz and Roman Show!

It wasn't that long ago that Chris Young co-hosted the Morning Show along with Stylz and Roman. He returned to the show today and talked what he loved about Chicago, why Roman cries when he listens to some of Chris' songs and why he's listed as "an American rapper" when you Google him! He also...
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Thomas Rhett's BACKSTAGE Interview With Stylz and Roman!

Thomas Rhett was in town last weekend on the Kenny Chesney tour and Stylz and Roman had a chance to talk to him! So how did he end up on Kenny's tour and why was it a "bucket list" item for him? What restaurant are you most likely to find him eating at while he's in Chicago? Is there any song that...
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Your Go To Karaoke Song

LANCO posted a video on social media of them sing "Cotton Eyed Joe" in a bar somewhere in southern Indiana the other day. Everyone has that go to song when they're out at a karaoke. Some people are really....others not so much! Stylz and Roman found out what songs people love to sing and then had...
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Translating Tristan: The "Country Girl" Edition

It's easy to figure out what Luke Bryan is singing when he sings "Country Girl", but not so much when a four year old does it! Take a listen to see if you could pick out what Roman's four year old son was singing in this week's edition of "Translating Tristan!"
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Translating Tristan Pic

Translating Tristan With Dan and Shay

It may take a shot of tequila or two to figure out this edition of Translating Tristan! Roman's four year old son sings and it's up to a US99 listener to figure out exactly what he's singing! Listener Kelly wasn't able to, would you be able to make out what song he's singing?
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Thomas Rhett, Matthew Ramsey, Karen Fairchild, Sam Hunt, Kenny Chesney.

Top 5 Country Anthems To Kick Off Summer

Today is the official start of summer! Started off right with our top 5 country songs to jam out to this summer!
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