Ewwww! I Can't Believe I Saw Someone Just Do That!

So there was a video that went viral over a man sampling soups at a grocery store, using the ladle that sits in the soup! Video of Man Caught Eating Soup Straight From Ladle at Grocery Store - 1009497 EWWWW! We all get to witness some pretty disgusting things sometimes.....and Stylz and Roman let...
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NASTY: Guy Caught Eating Soup Directly From a Grocery Store Salad Bar [VIDEO]

Something to think about the next time you eat at the salad bar. — WTF!? (@wtfvids_) October 27, 2018 Hungry? This will change your mind. It's things like these that make us wonder how we've made it this far as humans. A video has gone viral of some guy eating soup...
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