Spring Training


Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Theresa started out hot on questions #1 and #2, but stumbled on #3, #4 and #5! Would you have done better in Roman's College of Country Knowledge than her? Try and find out by emailing Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. This singer is nominated for two ACM Awards on April 15th, including New...
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Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training 2018

Milwaukee Brewers Recreate "The Sandlot" To Perfection!

Honoring the 25th anniversary of its release, a few players from the Milwaukee Brewers recreated their favorite scene from "The Sandlot" ... this is incredible! Too. Funny. There's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die. pic.twitter.com/z7mKroaOQ1 — Milwaukee...
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