St. Louis

Breakthrough Movie Cast

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "Breakthrough"

If a movie can make Roman cry, you know that it's got to be pretty good. "Breakthrough" is the true story about a St. Louis boy that fell through some ice in 2015 and doctors didn't expect him to recover. But his Mom never lost faith and through the power of prayer, her son recovered! Yep, sounds...
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Six Flags Will Pay You $300 to Spend 30 Hours in a Coffin

If you wanted to challenge yourself this Halloween then you definitely will want to hit up Six Flags in St. Louis because they are giving away $300 to guests if they spend 30 hours inside a coffin! Called the " 30-Hour Coffin Challenge " guests will get the money as well as free ride tickets and...
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What Are Those "Hidden Gems" Around Chicago?

Roman has a friend coming in from St. Louis and he wants to show her some of the city's "hidden gems." Since Stylz and Roman were born here, they don't often do those tourist things. So what should Roman do? They turned to the US99 audience for advice on some cool things to do around the city!
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Wrigley Field

What Is The Goofiest Thing You've Ever Done?

Did you see the fan that ran onto Wrigley Field yesterday. Security ended up tackling him and even worse, he's going to be charged with a felony! Sometimes, we have lapse in judgement and do some pretty stupid things! Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that did everything from stealing their...
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