Champagne, Sword, Bottle,

Erin's Brother Ended Up in the E.R. on Thanksgiving!

Find out how Erin's brother ruined their family Thanksgiving and ended up in the emergency room needing stitches.
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jessica from Crystal Lake spent a little too much at Christmas.....and could really use the $450 in the rolling jackpot to pay some bills. But in order for that to happen, she needs to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge first. I've you've been listening, you know that's easier said...
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Stylz Needs To Get All Of His Wisdom Teeth Pulled!

Dougie Stylz is getting all four of his wisdom teeth pulled in a couple of weeks. He's a little scared about the process, so he turned to the US99 audience to make him feel a little bit better. That may have been a bad idea becasue Stylz and Roman ended up getting more horror stories than good ones...
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Brothers Osborne

Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Brian From Homer Glen

Roman's College of Country Knowledge now features a rolling jackpot, which currently stands at $450! Brian from Homer Glen attempted to win that cash, but was he successful? Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Brothers T.J. Osborne and John Osborne posted a pic on social media of...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Sarah From Thornton

Every morning at 7:40 AM Stylz and Roman open up the classroom for Roman's College of Country Knowledge.
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