Paws In The Snow

What Can You Do To Help Your Pets Paws In The Winter?

Dougie Stylz had to run to several stores last night to find a special version of salt for his sidewalk that is safe for dogs. He's never had to do that before, but his wife insisted on it! He ended up going to three different stores before he actually found it. So what makes this salt so special?...
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Black Friday

The Crazy Thing You Saw On Black Friday!

Are you going out shopping on Black Friday? Things can get pretty crazy when people are battling it out for the biggest holiday items. Fist fights. The cops showed up. Something even worse? For sure......and these Stylz and Roman listeners had the stories to prove it!
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15 Seconds

Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy Has Gone Shopping!

There's two reasons Stylz and Roman decided to pick stores as the topic for the today's :15 Second Frenzy. First, we're exactly one week away from Black Friday, the craziest shopping day of the year. Secondly, before Walker Hayes hit it big, he worked at Costco. Knowing that, how many different...
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What Is Your Crazy Superstition?

Today is Friday The 13th and it's a day that people are really superstitious about! Don't step on a crack. Dont walk under a ladder. What are you superstitious about? These Stylz and Roman listeners had fears about everything from what they need to wear during playoff games to the fears of spiders...
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Walker Hayes

: 15 Second Frenzy: Walker Hayes

Before Walker Hayes hit it big in music, he worked at a Costo Warehouse store. Karen from Yorkville faced off with Walker in today's :15 Second Frenzy and it was obvious what the topic would be. Which one could name more retail stores in :15 Seconds?
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What Did You Steal?

What Illegal Thing Did You Get Away With?

So Stylz was shopping this past weekend and bought his wife a bunch of flowers. Thing is, they didn't charge him for all the flowers! Did he go back? Well, NO! Should he be ashamed.....or is this somethng that everybody does?
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