Parent Teacher Conference

What Did You Find Out About Your Child At Parent/Teacher Conferences?

Roman had his first parent/teacher conference at his son's preschool the other day. While all the news was positive, he also knows that won't always be the case as Tristan gets older. For example, Stylz was always the class clown, so his parents were always hearing about it at these meetings. So...
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Did You Ever Got Caught Cheating In School?

By now you've probably heard about the Hollywood cheating scandal were some celebs allegedly paid money to get their children in to some prestigious colleges. Sometimes the amount was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars! The old saying is that cheaters never win and winners never cheat, but is...
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Even More Letters

The Letters For Stylz & Roman's 10,000 For The Troops Keep Rolling In!

Stylz and Roman's original goal was to recieve ten thousand letters that they could send out to the troops. Well, they've blown past 10,000 For The Troops by more than double! So far they've recieved over TWENTY TWO THOUSAND letters.....and that number keeps growing and growing! Thank. You. Many of...
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Letters To The Troops

UPDATE: The Current Count For Stylz and Roman's 10,000 For The Troops!

Stylz and Roman are heading towards their goal of 10,000 For The Troops! So far they have just shy of 8,000, but thats only the letters they've counted so far! The USO's Chris Miller was in studio this morning to check in out the progress. Plus, you'll hear students from Addison, Morengo and more...
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Abbott MS

Elgin's Abbott Middle School Students Read Their 10,000 For The Troops Letters

Roman headed out to Abbott Middle School in Elgin last Friday and picked up over 500 letters that students there had written for our 10,000 For The Troops letter writing campaign. While Stylz and Roman could have read the letters themselves, they decided to instead to have the students themselves...
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Parent Teacher Conf

What Did You Find Out At Your Child's Parent/Teacher Conference?

Did you live in fear of your Mom or Dad going to Parent/Teacher Conferences? Stylz had his stepson's Nate's yesterday, but got good news instead of bad from his teachers! Thing is, that's not always how it happens! Stylz and Roman talked to parents that got more bad news than good, and while they...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Who will leave Roman's College of Country Knowledge as the "KING" of Elgin? Roman lives in Elgin and so did Sam, who thought she had what it takes to graduate and grab the $1450 in the rolling jackpot. Whether you live in Elgin or somewhere else, you can get your chance at playing by emailing...
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Do You Have Trouble Helping Your Kids With Their Homework?

Stylz has been real trouble helping his stepson Nate do his homework. He's not alone either! While Nate is a junior in high school, Stylz and Roman talked to Moms and Dads that have trouble helping with homework.....and their children are still in elementary school!
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Parent Teachers

Crazy Parent-Teacher Interactions!

Teachers, ever have a parent that's really hard to deal with? On the flipside, parents have you ever had to deal with one of your child's teachers that's just a little too much? Stylz and Roman talked to both parents and teachers about the crazy interactions they've had!
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Crazy College Roomate Stories!

For a lot of people, college is the first time that you room up with someone you've never met. Most times those people are cool, but other times, those people can sometimes be a little off the wall. Stylz and Roman talked to people who ended up with college roommates that ended tossing flour and...
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