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Get Ready for a Sugar Rush: General Mills Just Launched 3 New Breakfast Cereals

Get ready for the sugar rush of your life because General Mills just launched three new breakfast cereals! The company is bringing back fan-favorite Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch while creating two brand new flavors, Minions Vanilla Vibe and Lucky Charms Honey Clovers.
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KFC Introduces Fried Chicken Sandwich With Glazed Doughnut Buns

The chicken wars of 2019 have taken an all-new, sugary turn. KFC just announced their brand new chicken sandwich, which consist of two glazed doughnuts as the bun. If you’re not a fan of the whole sandwich idea, you can still order a basket combo, which includes a few pieces of their delicious...
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Smarties vs Laffy Taffy

Sugar Showdown: Smarties vs Laffy Taffy

Crunchy or gooey?
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Sour Patch Kids vs Nerds

Sugar Showdown: Sour Patch Kids vs. Nerds

Sweet sour or sugary sour?
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Sugarland SNR

Sugarland BACKSTAGE With Stylz and Roman

Sugarland was at Ravinia last night and spoke to Stylz and Roman on just about every topic imaginable! Video of Sugarland Backstage With Stylz and Roman But what Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were most excited about was that Ravinia is in the same neighborhood as the 'Home Alone" house! Could...
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Crazy College Roomate Stories!

For a lot of people, college is the first time that you room up with someone you've never met. Most times those people are cool, but other times, those people can sometimes be a little off the wall. Stylz and Roman talked to people who ended up with college roommates that ended tossing flour and...
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It's National Doughnut Day Tomorrow!

Did you know that National Doughnut Day was actually created here in Chicago? It's the 80th annual celebration (1938) of the Salvation Army deciding to honor its female members who served doughnuts during WWI on the front lines (!). Who's got the best doughnut specials around town tomorrow? One.....
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