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Airbnb-Like App Will Let You Rent Out Backyard Pools This Summer

If you’re looking to take a dip but don’t have access to a swimming pool, Swimply, a service many are calling an Airbnb for swimming pools, is here to help! Find out how to rent a local pool now.
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EW! Half of Americans Admit to Using Swimming Pools as Communal Bathtubs

With summer around the corner, we're all dreaming of the endless pool days. But are we actually just bathing in dirty water when we go to a public pool? The answer, HECK yes. A new survey revealed that over half of Americans knowingly contribute to swimming pools become dirtier than they should be...
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Heroic Dog Jumps In Pool To Save Other Dog From Drowning [WATCH]

This dog's a hero! Security cam footage shows the moment a dog jumps into the pool to save his friend who is drowning. Video of Moment heroic dog jumps into swimming pool to rescue canine pal
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