Burger King is Now Selling Tacos & They're Only $1

I never thought I'd see the day that Burger King began selling tacos, but alas, it has come. In the midst of these fast-food wars, Burger Kings is doing anything it can to grab customers' attention. The burger chain began selling crunchy tacos Tuesday, July 8th for just one dollar. That's it - a...
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This New Blanket Makes You A Giant Human Burrito!

Tacos. Burritos. All things we love ... now imagine making yourself a giant, life-size burrito with this amazing blanket! Reddit User /Kotaay It's 5 feet long which makes it large enough for you, your entire body, a friend, who knows! Maybe you buy one for you & for your bestie? These pictures...
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Dressing Room

If You Were Famous, What Would You Need In Your Dressing Room?

Sometimes singers, actors or other artists will ask for crazy things in their dressing. Maybe a bowl of just green M & M's. A certain type of alcohol....whatever.... Speaking of alcohol, Kane Brown revealed in a recent interview that he has to have Jameson Whiskey in his dressing room every...
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Watch Tiffani Thiessen Makes Tacos, Margaritas & Cookies

When Tiffani Thiessen asks if she can come by and make tacos, margaritas, and cookies you say, “YES!” So, relax, #PullUpAChair and watch all the fun with Stylz & Roman. As part of her book tour, she stopped by the Entercom Culinary Studio in Chicago with Stylz & Roman ahead of her book...
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