tax day

Heads Up! July 15 Is Tax Day – All Your Questions Answered

The federal government may have postponed the April 15 tax filing until July 15 due to coronavirus, but now that day is almost upon us! If taxpayers seek an extension, they must file or face a penalty.
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Tax Day Freebies: Take Advantage Of These While You Can!

Today is Tax Day (have you filed yet?), so in honor of all of us paying our government more $$$, our favorite businesses are giving us a break >>>> APPLEBEE'S: their "drink of the month" is only $1 at participating locations! It's the Strawberry Dollarita, served on the rocks with a...
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Tax Day Doesn't Have to Suck with These Freebies/Deals!

April 17th is the dreaded Tax Day - the deadline for most folks to shell out a bunch of money to Uncle Sam. But just cause your wallet feels a little lighter, doesn't mean you have to miserable and gorge on Ramen noodles and frozen foods. Here are some delicious Tax Day deals you can take advantage...
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