3rd Grader Gives Teacher Birthday Money To Make Sure She Gets A Raise

This is the good stuff right here! A 3rd grader named Parker in Florida recognized his teachers awesomeness and thought she could use a raise. He attached $15 of his own birthday money to a note, describing his intentions and admiration for his teach.
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Teacher Surprised Student For His Perfect Test Score #GoodVibes

A 3rd-grade teacher surprised her student with a yard sign to show how proud she was of his perfect test score.
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Did You Ever Got Caught Cheating In School?

By now you've probably heard about the Hollywood cheating scandal were some celebs allegedly paid money to get their children in to some prestigious colleges. Sometimes the amount was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars! The old saying is that cheaters never win and winners never cheat, but is...
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Age Yourself

What Do You Do or Say That Totally Ages You?

Stylz took his dog to the vet to get her nail's trimmed because as he told the vet tech, her nails were like Freddy Krueger. The tech gave him a blank stare because she had no idea who "Freddy" was! Sometimes we all say or do things that totally age us....even when we're not all that old! Check out...
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Baseball and Bat

Are You Calling Off For Today's Cubs/Brewers Tiebreaker Game?

It's all on the line for the Chicago Cubs today. They're playing a tiebreaker game with the Milwaukee Brewers to decide who wins the NL Central! A whole bunch people will be calling off today....so Stylz and Roman decided to find out what excuses they will be giving!
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Fall Down

Where Did You Fall Down and Totally Embarrass Yourself?

It was a bad day to be a celeb over the weekend. Both J-Lo and Dan and Shay fell down while performing and, with cellphone cameras everywhere, both falls were all over the internet in minutes! We all fall down sometimes, and just like with famous people, it usually pretty embarrassing! Check out...
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Kid and Parent

What is Your Parenting Hack To Get Your Kids To Do Something?

Do you have a parenting hack that helps you get your kids to do something? Roman had to do it with his four year old son to get him to leave places without breaking down. Some parents bribe their kids with ice cream, coloring their hair and even one parent who told Stylz and Roman about how she...
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Is Your Current Career Not What Your Degree Was In?

Sometime what your degree is in isn't what you end up doing as a career. While Stylz and Roman ended up doing jobs that are somewhat similiar to their degrees, but that's not always the case! Check out what these US99 listeners went to school for and what they're actually doing now!
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Lady A Sings

Lady A Messed Up The National Anthem Over The Weekend!

Video of Lady Antebellum sing Star Spangled Banner ahead of Game 5 Lady Antebellum didn't have the greatest weekend... They sang the National Anthem before this past weekend's Nashville Predators game but Charles Kelley forgot a couple of the words! You have to feel for them, because we all had one...
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Trish and Sister Jean

Former US99 DJ & Loyola Alum Trish Biondo With Stylz & Roman

Trish Biondo was a staple of US99 for nearly three decades in both mornings and middays. She called in to the Stylz and Roman this morning to talk not just her history at the station, but also the fact that she's a Loyola alum and a current teacher at the school. In fact, she teaches many of the...
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