Parent Teacher Conference

What Did You Find Out About Your Child At Parent/Teacher Conferences?

Roman had his first parent/teacher conference at his son's preschool the other day. While all the news was positive, he also knows that won't always be the case as Tristan gets older. For example, Stylz was always the class clown, so his parents were always hearing about it at these meetings. So...
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Parent Teacher Conf

What Did You Find Out At Your Child's Parent/Teacher Conference?

Did you live in fear of your Mom or Dad going to Parent/Teacher Conferences? Stylz had his stepson's Nate's yesterday, but got good news instead of bad from his teachers! Thing is, that's not always how it happens! Stylz and Roman talked to parents that got more bad news than good, and while they...
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Do You Have Trouble Helping Your Kids With Their Homework?

Stylz has been real trouble helping his stepson Nate do his homework. He's not alone either! While Nate is a junior in high school, Stylz and Roman talked to Moms and Dads that have trouble helping with homework.....and their children are still in elementary school!
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Parent Teachers

Crazy Parent-Teacher Interactions!

Teachers, ever have a parent that's really hard to deal with? On the flipside, parents have you ever had to deal with one of your child's teachers that's just a little too much? Stylz and Roman talked to both parents and teachers about the crazy interactions they've had!
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Trish Shirt

US99 Alumna Trish Biondo Is Back To Talk Loyola Basketball!

Tomorrow is the BIG day for Loyola as they march in to the Final Four! Stylz and Roman have an official Loyola correspondent and that's former US99 DJ and Loyola teacher (and alumna as well!) Trish Biondo! She talked all things Sister Jean, the vibe at the school and whether or not and of the...
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