As Maid Of Honor Sings Badly, Best Man Faints & Knocks Teeth Out

If you are planning on being in your friend's bridal party then leave the raps and songs at home because not only are they awkward, but if they're bad enough they can make other members of the bridal party pass out! A video of a maid of honor singing at her best friend's wedding is going viral...
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Kids Drawing

What Things From Your Kid's Childhood Have You Held On To?

Since Pink didn't win at the Grammys, her kids decided to make her a homemade Grammy instead. It's probably something that, as a Mom, she'll probably keep as a keepsake. But that's what parents do! Check out the things that these Stylz and Roman listeners kept from when their children were younger...
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Stylz Needs To Get All Of His Wisdom Teeth Pulled!

Dougie Stylz is getting all four of his wisdom teeth pulled in a couple of weeks. He's a little scared about the process, so he turned to the US99 audience to make him feel a little bit better. That may have been a bad idea becasue Stylz and Roman ended up getting more horror stories than good ones...
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Dog Leash

I Can't Believe That My Dog Chewed Through....WHAT?

Stylz has a dog named Jameson that is still very much a puppy. Want proof? Yesterday she chewed through her leash and started digging a whole in the backyard! But that's what dogs do right? Check out what the dogs of these Stylz and Roman listeners ate! It was everything from shoes to a door frame...
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First Date Turn Offs

Roman's mom and sister both think that his velcro Michael Jackson wallet is a turn off when he goes on first dates. Roman disagrees, but will admit that there's things people do on first dates that are a little funky! Loud Chewers. Teeth scrapers. Social Media posters.
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Guys, What Is The First Thing You Notice On A Woman?

Yesterday, Stylz and Roman talked to women about the first thing they noticed about a guy. Today they flipped the script and asked guys what the first thing they noticed about a female was! While some guys gave the obvious responses you'd expect, there was also some guys who will suprise you! Are...
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Couple Kissing

Ladies, What Is The First Thing You Notice On A Man?

So, what's the first thing that a woman notices on a guy? It may actually surprise you with what they said! Is it muscles? A good smile? Eyes? Teeth? Or is it a combination of several? Check out what these US99 listeners said...
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What US99 DJ Left Panties In The Studio?

Stylz and Roman found a random pair of panties in the US99 studio the other day. They've tried to hunt down the owner of the undies, but none of the station's DJs will fess up to it being theirs! Stylz and Roman aren't the only ones to find weird things at work. Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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