Stylz & Romance: Who "Nose" What Happened?

Shelia and David went out and had an awesome first date. So why didn't David call her again after they went out? It turns out that it's because she accidentally butt dialed him after the date and he overheard the conversation she had with her roommate! What body part of his did she make fun of...
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College Is Done

Roman's College of Country Knowledge Is All About Body Paint, Brett and Birthday Tweets!

How hard would you study if you knew $1100 was at stake? Deanna enrolled in Roman's College of Country Knowledge hoping to graduate and grab that cash! Want to play? Hit the books and email Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. This singer, who has dated everyone from Joe Jonas to Taylor...
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SNR Carly

Ladies, Have You Ever Tricked Your Man?

Ladies, have you ever tried to trick your man into admitting or doing something? Stylz, Roman and Carly Pearce tried to do it with Carly's BF Michael Ray over the weekend! They all texted Michael Ray at the same time to see who would get a text back first! Thankfully for Michael, he texted Carly...
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