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Tinder is Adding Safety Features to the Dating App

Tinder is finally adding features to make users feel safer on dates. The app can now track people's locations and users can send an alarm, which contacts the police if feeling unsafe at any point.
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Online Dating

Online Dating Horror Stories!

After talking to a whole bunch of women at Windy City Smokeout, one thing became very clear. A lot of single females are on dating apps. They also found out that many of their dates were less than successful! Was the picture they posted way old? Did they call and call and call? Or did things turn...
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How Did Your Parents Come Up With Your Name?

If you're a soon to be a parent and can't come up a baby name....well, there's an app for that! There's a new Tinder like app that gives parents different names that they can swipe left or right on and then gives you the matches from each parent! Sometimes picking names isn't that easy and children...
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