Kid In Theater

Video: The Toy Story 4 Trailer Is Here!

This movie is going to be HUGE! The latest trailer for Toy Story 4 was just released.....and it looks amazing! Woody! Buzz Lightyear! Forky! Who is Forky you ask? Watch and find out! Video of Toy Story 4 (2019) - Official Trailer
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

The rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge is back at $100 after Roman lost yet again! Did he get back on the winning track? Take a listen to see if he headed into the weekend back on the winning track. Email to test your skills in Roman's College of Country...
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Ghost Stories That Are Sure To Scare You!

Dougie Stylz is a firm believer in ghosts, but Justin Roman, not so much. Whether you think ghosts are real or not, these stories are sure to give you the chills. Toys without batteries going off. Dead relatives visiting your bedside. Ghosts roaming around a cemetary. Be sure to listen to these...
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Wedding Gifts

The Weird Wedding Gift You Received

Stylz has a younger sister that's getting married this weekend.....and she and her husband are sure to recieve a ton of gifts. Most of the time those gifts are really cool but sometimes they can be a little goofy! Check out the strange items these Stylz and Roman listeners got on their big day....
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Parents, What Did Your Kids Break?

Roman's son Tristan broke one of his toys the other day, but blamed it on his imaginary friend that he called "Breaky." Children have a thing for breaking things and sometimes it can be REALLY REALLY expensive! Stylz and Roman talked to parents whose children broke everything from 60 inch TVs to a...
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Toys R Us

Report: Toys "R" Us Could Be Closing All Of Their Stores Very Soon

The days of being a Toys "R" Us kid may be over as soon as next week. According to CNN Money , several reports claim that the bankrupt company could be completely shut down very soon. Not only will millions of little kid hearts break because of this news, but also the wallets of major toy companies...
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