Man Self-Isolates in Train Station While Operating the Locomotives Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A man is self isolating in a train station while getting to drive them during the coronavirus pandemic. The United Kingdom resident described his experience.
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The CEO of Ravinia calls Drew to chat Carrie Underwood, Sheryl Crow & more this summer!

Welz Kaufmann, CEO of Ravinia, calls Drew to talk about his final season of amazing concerts & all the new additions to the park this summer!
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This Is How the CTA Is Preparing For Potentially-Historic, Bitter Cold

The weather has been nothing short of a nightmare when it comes to commuting to and from work this week. While many schools, museums, courts, and places of employment are shutting their doors or letting employees work from home ahead of the extreme cold, that luxury doesn't extend to everyone. The...
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Luke Combs

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Sarah was on the train headed to class at UIC this morning, but did she study enough to take down Roman this morning? Email to play Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Today's Questions: 1. Mike Fischer wished a happy birthday to his wife by posting a curly haired throwback pic...
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Woman Sings Thinking She's Alone on Train...She's Not

A video has been making the rounds of a woman (from right here in Chicago) who thinks she's alone on the train so she films herself singing at the top of her lungs. She improvises about being the only one on the train and totally hams it up and acts goofy. But as she's leaving she notices there IS...
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