Translating Tristan

Tristan Ski

This Translating Tristan Is S-I-M-P-L-E!

If you listen to US99, then this edition of Translating Tristan is pretty SIMPLE. Each week, Roman's four year old son Tristan belts out a song at the top of his lungs and it's up to a Stylz and Roman listener to try and figure out exactly what he's singing! (HINT: See if you can tell if it's F-G-L...
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Tristan Paint

This Translating Tristan Will Leave You Speechless!

If there was ever a song that Roman's four year old son sang that would leave you SPEECHLESS, this one is it for sure! I'm not even sure that the artists who first did this song would even recognize it! But, after you hear him sing it, you'll recognize that he's really giving it all he's got!
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TRo and Santa

All I Want For Christmas......Is Translating Tristan!

Everyone is getting in the holiday spirit lately, including Roman's four year old son Tristan! Normally a listener needs to figure out what COUNTRY song Tristan is attempting to sing, but today's Translating Tristan was a little bit different! In honor of the Yuletide season, Tristan sang a...
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Justin and TRo

Translating Tristan Gets A Little Mean!

After hearing this round of Translating Tristan, you'll probably think "Why You Gotta Be So Mean?" (BTW-that's a hint about what today's song is!) Tristan is Roman's four year old song who loves to sing, but it's trying to figure out WHAT he's singing that can be difficult! But this week's song "...
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Translating Tristan Tackles A Luke Bryan Song!

Everyone has heard Luke Bryan's "Play It Again" right? It's pretty easy to figure out what song it is when Luke sings it, but what about when a four year old does? Take a listen to Roman's four year old son Tristan belt out that song and see if you could figure out what it is!
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TRo The DJ

It's A Keith Urban Edition of Translating Tristan!

This may be the most difficult of Translating Tristan ever! Roman had his four year old son sing a song by US99 Lakeshake artist Keith Urban, but what it was really hard to figure out! Take a listen and see if you can figure it out!
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JRo Tro

Translating Tristan: Stars & Strings Edition

If you're headed to Stars and Strings tomorrow, there's a good chance that you'll hear this song... It might sound a little different than this though! Roman's four year old son, Tristan, sang a song by a Stars and String artist today, but it's a little hard to figure out what it was! Take a listen...
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Tristan Pumpkin

Today's Translating Tristan Is A Real Thriller!

It can be hard to figure out what a four year old is talking, let alone singing! Roman had his young son Tristan sing a Halloween themed song for Translating Tristan. HINT: If you've followed Roman at all, you'll know that this is his favorite artist! Take a listener and see if you can figure it...
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Tristan Playground

Translating Tristan Sings A Stars & Strings Artist

Listener Ashley isn't a Mom, but told Stylz and Roman that she does own a dog. Not sure that will help her in Translating Tristan though.... Roman's four year old son sang the song of a US99 Stars and Strings artist, do you think you can figure it out?
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TRo Mic

This Translating Tristan Is Worth The Whiskey!

Roman's four year old son Tristan loves to sing! It's just WHAT he's trying to sing that is a little hard to figure out! Just what Stars and Strings artist and song is little Tristan singing in today's Translating Tristan? HINT: It's all about the a certain type of alcohol....
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