Translating Tristan

JR and TRO

Will "Most People" Be Able To Figure Out This Translating Tristan?

We all know what Luke Bryan sounds like... But do you know what Luke Bryan sounds like when it is sung by a four year old? Roman's son Tristan's version of "Most People Are Good" sounds a little different! Take a listen to see just how different!
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Tristan JR Scoreboard

You'll Want To Break Up With Him After Hearing Translating Tristan!

When you hear Old Dominion sing these lyrics, it's pretty clear what song they are singing: "But I know you ain't in love with him, break up with him....I know that you so done with him, break up with him, break up with him." It's obviously "Break Up With Him" but that's a little less clear when a...
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TRo Mic

This Translating Tristan Was Meant To Be!

Sometimes it's hard to understand a four year old when they are simply speaking. When they start singing, it can be nearly impossible! Roman's four year old son sang a song on Translating Tristan which was probably the biggest song of last year. That's why this was "Meant To Be!"
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This Translating Tristan Will Break Your Heart (Your Achy Breaky Heart)

Today's Translating Tristan is full 90's country. It's also one of the corniest country songs ever done as well! Roman's four year old son singing Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" is one of the cutest things you'll hear today! Let's just hope that Roman doesn't let his son grow up to have a...
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Tristan and A Bunny

This Song Is Taylor Made For Translating Tristan!

This morning Roman's four year old son sand a song that is by one of country turned pop music's biggest stars. So when Tristan started singing Taylor Swift's "Romeo and Juliet" was his opponent Brianna able to finish the songs lyrics? It sounds easy, but as it's proved week after week, it's not as...
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JR Tristan Wagon

Translating Tristan Might Get You A Little Drunk!

He's not old enough to drink, but Roman's four year old son is old enough to sing....loudly! LOL! He did his own version of Mitchell Tenpenny's "Drunk Me" but was he good enough for a listener to figure out what it was? That's the fun of it though, seeing just who can actually TRANSLATE Tristan!
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Tristan Ski

This Translating Tristan Is S-I-M-P-L-E!

If you listen to US99, then this edition of Translating Tristan is pretty SIMPLE. Each week, Roman's four year old son Tristan belts out a song at the top of his lungs and it's up to a Stylz and Roman listener to try and figure out exactly what he's singing! (HINT: See if you can tell if it's F-G-L...
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Tristan Paint

This Translating Tristan Will Leave You Speechless!

If there was ever a song that Roman's four year old son sang that would leave you SPEECHLESS, this one is it for sure! I'm not even sure that the artists who first did this song would even recognize it! But, after you hear him sing it, you'll recognize that he's really giving it all he's got!
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TRo and Santa

All I Want For Christmas......Is Translating Tristan!

Everyone is getting in the holiday spirit lately, including Roman's four year old son Tristan! Normally a listener needs to figure out what COUNTRY song Tristan is attempting to sing, but today's Translating Tristan was a little bit different! In honor of the Yuletide season, Tristan sang a...
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Justin and TRo

Translating Tristan Gets A Little Mean!

After hearing this round of Translating Tristan, you'll probably think "Why You Gotta Be So Mean?" (BTW-that's a hint about what today's song is!) Tristan is Roman's four year old song who loves to sing, but it's trying to figure out WHAT he's singing that can be difficult! But this week's song "...
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