Airline Now Has A Chart To Warn You Where Babies are Seated

An airline has created a new chart to show you were babies are seated so you can avoid them if you would like.
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:15 Seconds

Stylz & Roman Are Really Flying With This :15 Second Frenzy

When you're a celeb, you're on and off airplanes all the time. Did that give Maddie and Tae the advantage over listener Julie in Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy? The topic was how many different airlines could they mention in :15 seconds. Listener Julie also travels a lot, so she knew her fair...
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Erin Rose

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor Update

Did you miss last night's Bachelor cliffhanger? Stylz and Roman did, but that's because they're guys! But they've still got you covered! Erin from the US99 Promotions Department religously watches every week and has a list of what she calls her OMB moments! BTW, OMB stands for OH MY BACHELOR!...
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What Was Your Travel Disaster?

Ever been on a vacation that seemingly falls apart? It happened to Luke Bryan the other day when he was leaving a hotel in Mexico and his luggage spilled out on to the highway because the gate on the van he was riding in wasn't all the way closed! Sometimes it's sunburn, swimming disasters or even...
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