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Wine Fairies Are the One of the Best Things to Come out of The Pandemic

Don't you wish every neighborhood had 'wine fairies?' It's a group of women who go around and anonymously drop off booze and treats on neighbors' front doorsteps and the whole thing is orchestrated through Facebook.
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Stylz Needs Your Puppy Training Advice!

Stylz adopted a puppy that he named Jameson over the weekend. But with a new puppy comes potty and crate training as well! He needed some advice from dog owners on just what to do....and the Stylz and Roman delivered!
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Woman's Guide Dog Brings Her To Treat Store

Dogs are the best - especially service dogs! This woman's tweet went viral yesterday. She took a video of her sister with her service dog. Apparently the service dog will sometimes lead her sister into his favorite store at the mall! And of course, his favorite store happens to have treats in it...
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