TV Shows

7 Must-Watch Shows Coming This Fall

One of the best things about the weather cooling off is the return of fall TV shows. In addition to all your favorites, there is a handful of promising new shows just waiting to become your next big obsession. We looked through all the upcoming premieres and picked out 7 that we think you NEED to...
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'Will and Grace' is Ending...Again

The world has to say goodbye to Will and Grace ...for the second time. It was just announced that the NBC revival's third season will indeed be its last. The final season will premiere in 2020 with another 18 episodes. Many Will and Grace fans that have been watching since the first episode aired...
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Have You Seen Tom Hanks As Mr. Rogers Yet?

What an incredible transformation! Why do we have to wait so looooooooooooooooooong for the movie release? Give @tomhanks the Oscar now. -- Lacey Terrell/TriStar Pictures/ @EW — Complex (@Complex) March 20, 2019
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Fight Over The Remote

My Significant Other Makes Me Watch ____________ But I Hate It!

Every week Ryan Hurd is Tweeting about The Bachelor, so Stylz and Roman wanted to know if he watches because he wants to or because his wife is watching. They sat down with Ryan's wife Maren Morris to find out and she claims that she's not forcing gim to watch....he really likes it! That is not...
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Spoiler Alert

What Did Someone Ruin For You?

Ever have someone totally ruin something for you? Maybe a TV show? A birthday party? Something else? It's happened to everyone on the Stylz and Roman Morning Show at least once and was even worse for some of the callers to the show! They had to be MAD!
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Binge Watching

What Show Are You Currently Binge Watching?

Stylz and Roman came across a stat that claims that "The Office" is the most watched TV show on Netflix. Neither have really watched it, but may end up binge watching it to get caught up with everyone else! Netflix is great for binge watching....and everyone does it! Check out what Stylz and Roman...
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Most Watched Original TV Shows & Movies on Netflix in 2018

Over the course of the past few years, Netflix has become a streaming giant and a platform for original content. As the end of the year draws near, the service released a list of its "most binge-watched shows" followed by a short list of movies we watched over and over. In other words, they know...
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Ratings Are In: These Were the Most Popular TV Shows of 2018

When it comes to watching TV in 2018, things aren't always simple. For starters, not everyone has a TV anymore, and if they do, they aren't necessarily watching programming live. In fact, most folks rely on their DVR to watch shows at a later, more convenient time, which makes it rather difficult...
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Parents and Kids

I Can't Believe My Significant Other Lets Our Kids Do This!

Sometimes one parent lets their child get away with something that the other parent totally wouldn't approve of. Ice cream for dinner or maybe a show that they wouldn't normally be allowed to watch. That's what happened in the Stylz household the other day. Dougie was totally cool with his stepson...
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Age Yourself

What Do You Do or Say That Totally Ages You?

Stylz took his dog to the vet to get her nail's trimmed because as he told the vet tech, her nails were like Freddy Krueger. The tech gave him a blank stare because she had no idea who "Freddy" was! Sometimes we all say or do things that totally age us....even when we're not all that old! Check out...
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