Uber, Jason Pullman, Good Vibes, Thanks

Jason Received Text From Unknown Number Thanking Him #GoodVibes

Over the weekend Jason received a text from an unknown number thanking him for his kind words of encouragement and it ended up being from an Uber driver he had a few months ago.
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O'hare Airport, Nintendo, Play Station, Flight

O'Hare Airport Will Now Have Nintendo Stations to Play While Waiting for Flight

Just in time for your winter and spring break getaways, there's something new at O'hare that'll help you and perhaps, more importantly, YOUR kids, pass the time while waiting for your flight.
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US*99 Morning Show, Katie Bright,  Jason Pullman, Cash Ride

WATCH: Jason and Katie's Cash Ride!

Welcome to Episode 1 of Jason and Katie's Cash Ride! Your US*99 Morning hosts surprise an Uber driver with a trivia quiz and $100!
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Lyft, Uber, Ride Share, Tax Hike, Increase Prices

Rideshare Tax Hikes Take Effect Today for Uber and Lyft

If you use Uber or Lyft, you are gonna start paying more today due to the Chicago rideshare tax hikes!
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The Chicago Teachers Strike is Officially Over!

Chicago Public Schools and the CTU have officially eached a tentative contract agreement, ending the strike after 11 days.
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Uber is Unveiling a New Safety Feature #BrightBytes

Uber is unveiling a new safety feature called RideCheck. Katie has this story and more on Bright Bytes!
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If YOU Love Popcorn You'll Love Garret's Anniversary Special! #BrightBytes

Garret's Popcorn is celebrating its 70th anniversary with 70 cent popcorn and a huge party! Katie has this and more with Bright Bytes!
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If You Hate Talking to Your Uber Driver You're Going to Love this New Feature

Do you hate talking to your Uber driver? Uber has answered your prayers! The ride-sharing service is introducing a "Quiet Mode" feature that can be used by riders who don't want to make small talk with their driver. On the other hand, if you love getting to know your driver, you can select the "...
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Rideshare App

Stylz and Romance: You'd Better Own A Car!

Mike lives Downtown and doesn't own a car. He either takes Uber, Lyft or some sort of public transporation to get around. That's not so unusual, but it was a total dealbreaker after her went out on a date with Hillary. She lives in Bartlett and thinks it's totally impractical to date a guy who...
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What Lie Did You Get Away With?

So former White Sox Todd Frazier made an amazing catch the other day. Video of Toddfather spills into the stands after superb catch But it turns out that he lied to the umpire and didn't actually make the catch! He got away with a lie......and so did these Stylz and Roman listeners!
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